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Teamwork Works, Does it Really?

I believe teamwork works all the time and every time, but getting to work as a team is sometimes a complicated process.

The American Management Association @AMAnet recently published an article called “What do Successful Work Teams Have in Common,” what called my attention was the word honesty and how the lack of it will impede teams to move forward.

I am currently working on my MBA (Master’s in Business Administration) through an online program. Each class has at least three group projects, which means that in every class I will be working with people with different work ethics, time zones, and work schedules.

I have great memories of Team Awesome as my classmate Elijah would call it. Team A was the best group I’ve ever had and I will tell you why. We weren’t afraid of conflict…the good kind of conflict that is.

I believe conflict is good as long as people are open to hear and understand others’ ideas. For instance, Team A had disagreements but such feedback helped us to challenge each other, and discover the best way to work together.

And as the article mentions…successful teamwork does not happen overnight, especially if teammates are not willing to learn from each other.


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