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Christmas at the Homeless Shelter

On Christmas day several families and volunteers came together at the Reno/Sparks Gospel Mission to pass out items to the less fortunate. My family was honored to participate in the event thanks to the Thermal Drive for Homeless we organized a few months ago.

I was moved by how many people requested thermal pants, and I hope I can continue to collect these items for them.

There is a theory called the Hierarchy of Needs by Abraham Maslow, which says that people need to satisfy certain needs to move up in life, job, career, and so on. The most basic needs are physiological: food, shelter, clothing, etc. Once a person meets these basic requirements then one can think about achieving other goals. So, by providing thermal pants, one is helping homeless families meet one their most basic needs so most of them can move up with other objectives.

Thank you to the following people who provided help with donations, support and/or ideas:

Adam Rud

Diana Zunini

AJ Clark

Reno Active 20-30 Club

Alex Martinez

Mayra Lindberg

Russell Lindberg

Lucas Lindberg

Mateo Lindberg

Dawn Martens

Steve Martens

Ben Martens

Tiffany Reeser

Luis Santoni

Lisa Drake


PHR Passing Test


December 6th, 2011 was the day I took my PHR (Professional in Human Resources) test. This was the first time I took the test but I had been preparing for it for nine months. I spent the first six months taking hr classes for my Human Resources Management certification as part of my MBA. I also decided to purchase the SHRM learning system and joined the NNHRA (Northern Nevada Human Resources Association) study group.

I am so glad I passed the test. Particularly because I think of myself as a bad test taker, I just get so nervous and can’t think straight. However, I prepared as best as I could and I am glad I can see positive results.

Thanks to those who always believe in me more than I ever believe in myself.

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