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Marketing Class Gone Good Deed: Thermal Drive for Homeless

Katerina and Haydee under the Reno Arch

There is a homeless man in South Reno, NV who has a bicycle full of plastic bags. I had seen his bicycle parked at the local grocery store but no signs of the man for a few days. I ran into “Doug” a few days later, he said he had been hiding because it was too cold. I looked down at his feet and he was wearing sandals, shorts, and no socks. It was about 60 degrees that morning.  I was tremendously touched by looking at how unprotected he was, so I ran home and grabbed a bunch of warm items and went looking for him outside the store. There he was…

I handed over the items and asked him what else he needed: thermal underwear, he said. Oh, I forgot to mention that he was developing a cold…I immediately thought, how many of these people will be sick by the end of the year and how it will affect my loved ones, my little Katerina? We definitely have to help.

I’m taking a Marketing class as part of my MBA program, we are learning about identifying a market’s necessity for a product. So, I analyzed the market and contacted the Reno/Sparks Gospel Mission (RSGM) to find out if thermals were “hot” items. I was immediately told there is a big need for children, women, and men.

I asked two of my closest friends to help me out to organize a Thermal Drive for Homeless. The goal is to gather 500 thermals by mid-December, which we will distribute at the RSGM’s Holiday dinner.

Will you help or know somebody who can help? Please email me at Haydee.Acebo@hotmail.com. I will pick up the items at your house, business, coffee place, you name it. I just want to help!

Thanks for reading my post,





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7 thoughts on “Marketing Class Gone Good Deed: Thermal Drive for Homeless

  1. Haydee and Katerina, you two rock!!!

  2. Katie Mellon on said:

    Your story is touching. Empathy is an attribute of a great leader. Thank you for being you. Stories about homeless people are so sad. Sometimes life gets us down. When we see people living in these conditions we realize how blessed we are in life. Sadly in this economy many people are losing their job or home. This is minor compared to the conditions other people experience. I would be happy to help your cause.

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